Blog Exclusive! Pretzel Bread and home made Pretzel Dogs!

This is a great recipe i adapted from my friend Ian Chin. Ingredients: 1 1/3 cups of water 3 1/3 cups of Flour 2 Tbs Brown Sugar 2 Tsp Salt ...


Orion Eats Out: g.e.b

g.e.b 5/5 stars g.e.b is short for Graham Elliot Bistro, this brand new eatery on randolph and Green St is sure to be as big of a hit as the ...



A Life update

Where to begin.  Right now life is good, I am in grad ...

Welcome to Orion Field’s New site

Welcome to Orion’s new site, it is still a work in progress, ...

Latest News


Hey guys, just a quick update.  If you haven’t already check out OrionField on youtube for the newest episodes.  I am going to start doing some orionfield.com exclusive content, so that should get started this week.  I am starting a new Social network called NomNom.Biz so keep an eye out for that, its going to be really […]

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Episode 3: Bison Sliders

Yummy healthy Bison sliders, enjoy!

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Cooking with Orion episode 2

This was a fun meal, I cooked the steaks to medium rare, boiled the lobster for 9 minutes, and boiled the potatoes for 20 minutes before mashing with butter.

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Another Update

I’m still trying to juggle a lot right now, with this blog, my graduate classes, work, and my business I’m trying to start. I’m planning on filming another cooking video tomorrow with my awesome production team. As it stands now, we’re going to make a simple boiled lobster with melted butter for dipping, and mashed […]

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Busy day

Today is a very long day, I got up at 8:30, cleaned off 5 inches of snow off my car, I finished class at 12:15, now I’m waiting for a meeting with a professor, followed by a meeting for work, and a conference call about a project in working on. After that it’s off to […]

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Photo on 10-19-11 at 7.03 PM

Cooking With Orion Episode 1

My first cooking video on youtube! let me know what you think!  I made Tagliatelle Bolognese, and it turned out great!

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Ideas for my first video

I am totally procrastinating right now, but who cares right?  Tomorrow I plan on filming my first cooking video, I was thinking of making a paella, but my friends who are helping me film, and whom I am  feeding after filming are requesting a starter, anyone who reads this have any idea what I should […]

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Yummy Sautéd Carrots

Yummy Sautéd Carrots, this is an easy one to make 2 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 bag of baby carrots 1 shalot Roaster Cumin Salt   Cut carrots in small circles, and roughly chop shallots. Heat a skillet on the stove until hot, add carrots and shallots, adding salt and cumin to taste.  Cook until […]

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New site up and running

I would love to hear what you think of the redesign, also don’t forget to comment, like me on facebook and follow me on twitter @orionfield   Ciao

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Orion’s Kitchen

This is my Kitchen, its not much, but its better than places I have lived before.  In the coming months you will see this kitchen a lot on both this blog and on my youtube channel.  I can’t wait to start cooking for you. Tonight I will post my first article with my recipe for […]

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